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Women Ministries department of South West Church

In this world of turbulence and instability in most of our homes, the world is looking for women who are spirit filled and dedicated and are able to restore calmness, peace and stability in our homes.

It is in the light of this, that our Women Ministries department has taken on the mantle and is seeking to address the issues affecting women in order to bring sanity and happiness to our families/homes.

The Women Ministries department is a very strong arm of  families and the church as a whole.

Adventist Women Ministries

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Women Ministries Aims for 2010

  1. Addressing the Spiritual, Physical, Social, Emotional and Psychological needs of women in the church in order to bring sanity to our families and homes
  2. Encouraging and empowering women to actively participate fully the activities and programmes of the church
  3. Nurturing, encouraging and supporting women in the church to recognise/discover their God giving talents and use them to the edification of God’s work.

Women Ministries Objectives/Plans for 2010

  1. Forum/discussions about issues i.e. appropriate dressing  domestic violence, Coping with loneliness,  divorce, loss and separation.
  2. Life Skills Training/Programmes.
  3. Mentoring Young women in order that they will find joy, peace and happiness in the lord.

Brief description of events/Women Ministries day

  1. Lessons on preparation of menus
  2. Women Prayer Support Groups.
  3. Specific Women Health issues

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