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Adventist Apps revolution

The growth in the smartness of mobile phones and tablets has revolutionised the way we communicate with each other and share information. And with the Seventh-day Adventist Church always at the forefront in utilising technology in the propagation of the gospel, adventists are getting a significant share in the info-technological revolution.

Having used a number of adventist apps that simplify or enhance certain specific tasks and interests using devices like  iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, HTC, I feel much enthusiastic to share with our dear GhanaAdventist fans and visitors.

I therefore begin here, a series of articles to highlight some adventist apps I have personally come across and which I am using to enhance life the christian way.

adventist apps for iphone sda apps for android adventist apps for blackberry
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As an Adventist and for that matter a Christian, I strongly believe in tradition; reading the Bible, praying regularly, studying the Sabbath School lessons, etc.

However there are a number of challenges that interfere in our ability to fulfil these religious obligations in order to safeguard and enhance our spiritual well-being. The fast pace of the modern life -especially in this western life-, and the bulkiness of the Bible and other relevant books are some of the main examples of the challenges.

Over the last decade, technology, especially the Internet and mobile devices have brought about a communication revolution. People are empowered with the ability to share, contribute, create, broadcast and communicate with each other and the world at large. It’s now easy to express who we are and what we believe with the rest of the world.

With this development also comes the ability to communicate with our Creator with ease such as receiving or watching presentations of the word of God, reading the Bible or following a study guide, requesting for prayers, sharing testimonies, etc.

I love technology because it simplifies life. Therefore I have keen interest in situations where science and technology is applied to enhance christian life and the propagation of the gospel.

My favourites for some time, have been

  • when the Adventist Church held that massive campaign in Kumasi, Ghana some years back which was watched live around the world, including thousands of villages, thanks to satellite transmission.
  • the Hope Tv Channel via satellite television and online for great teachings including the Sabbath School lessons.
[/info_box_1] I will also love responses from you about adventist apps you have been using too.

South West London Ghana SDA Church webpage relevant for: sda hymnal app for blackberry, sabbath school app for blackberry, sda quarterly app

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please no adventist hymnal app for windows phones?


Hi there,

hope you’re well guys…

Just to let you know that we’ve just released the Adventist Hymnal PRO for Android. It’s an amazing App which includes everything that the iPhone version does. You might want to create a great post for it also. I’ve attached the logo and banners if you need. He’s also created a 40%OFF link so your readers can get it with massive 40% off discount… however, it expires this Thursday and goes back to the normal price of $9.99 or £5.99.

Here is the link: http://goo.gl/vPp3v

Also, we’re already working on a Blackberry and a Windows Mobile 7 version of the Hymnal. This should be released by July 2012. You might want to update that info…

Please download and support the ministry…


Can the android app be directly downloaded? Some android tablets don’t have market access.


Hi Tim, It’s unfortunate I cannot give an answer to the problem as I don’t use an android handset. Please try the android help http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Android+Market/?hl=en for information


Do you know if there is already a sabbath school and adventist hymnal app for Blackberry? Thanks.


Hi Chris, it is unfortunate that neither of the developers of the Sabbath School app and SDA Hymnal app have done versions for blackberry. In fact, lots of people are searching for them. I hav sent messages to them and I hope they respond or better still they go ahead to develop Blackberry versions. God bless


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