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We are a multi-cultural community. Every Sabbath we appreciate and welcome members and visitors into our church to join us in sharing the blessing of God and joy of fellowship through worship and praise.

After the organisation of the South East London church, the members began active witnessing in the south of London. Soon, they were able to locate some missing members from South West London who were not part of the original South West Prayer Group of the Central Church, i.e., the London Ghana Church. Besides, they made some new contacts in the same area. With these two groups of people, totalling about twenty (20), they also started another small group in SW London, led by Elder Seth Obeng.

A three-week Evangelistic Campaign conducted by a four-member team, viz., Pastors Ebenezer O. Sackey, George S. Dadey, Andrew Beccai and George Kumi, from 17th August – 1st September 2001 at St. James’ Church, 236 Mitcham Lane, West Streatham, London SW16 resulted in the baptism of nine (9) souls. The SE London Church Board voted about fifteen members from the SW area to join the newly baptised members to start a Branch Sabbath School in SW London. Surprisingly, thirty one (31) people (adults) and six (6) children turned out at Elder Seth Obeng’s house, 60 Lewin Road, Streatham Common, SW16, for worship on the first Sabbath, 8th September 2001. Thus, the South West London Ghana Branch Sabbath School, the youngest Ghanaian congregation in Britain, was born. It is our prayer that they’ll soon find a worship place and that, just like the others, they’ll also be organised into a Church within the next two years. “To God be the glory, great things He hath done!”

“The existing churches were fun and big, but very far. Members had to travel a long way to worship on Sabbath days. This was difficult and inconvenient and some members could not afford to do it. As absurd as it sounds that was the case and only the few dedicated members were prepared to make these sacrifices to worship.

There were some known backslidden and inactive Ghanaian Adventists in the South West area and others who simply didn’t know who to turn to for support when faced with the pressures of life in this society. Something had to be done about it. May be, if a church was formed in this area then the spiritual and social needs of all these people could be met and we would also win new souls for Christ. “A Brilliant idea!”

And so just like the command “go forth into all the world and make disciples of all nations,” our Mother Church, South East London Ghana SDA Church, after careful thought and deliberation, held a three-week evangelistic campaign dubbed “Insight for Living” at St. James’s Church, off Mitcham Lane. These weekend meetings, held from 17th August 2001 to 1st September 2001, were led by Pastors E. O. Sackey, George S. Dadey, George Kumi and the Late Andrew Beccai (May He Rest in Peace!). The mission command was going to be fulfilled and a Branch Sabbath School was going to be set up in the South West Area.

The campaign was underway and there was no going back. Everyone was determined to make it work. Brethren looked for telephone numbers and contact addresses of both Adventist and non-Adventist acquaintances in the South West area they could invite to the crusade.

I personally remember how this good news got to me. It was well after 11.00 pm the last Friday of the campaign. There was a knock on my door and there was an ‘old man’ with this message, “There’s a crusade being held by South East London Ghana SDA Church down Mitcham Lane, come and join the new branch that would be formed and let us together spread the gospel message.” What a commitment, what a Fisher of Men!

The last Sabbath of the crusade was a Baptism and Miracle Healing Day:
The spiritually sick were touched by the powerful messages;
The miraculous healing of a baby called Josephine was witnessed;
Nine souls were baptised, and
Our Church was born.
Who can forget 8th September 2001? Telephone calls were made reminding each of us to get ready.
DESTINATION: 60 Lewin Road, Streatham;
MISSION : Our First Sabbath Worship as a Branch Sabbath School.

We couldn’t tell how many people will be there. Beloved, there was excitement, apprehension, anticipation and fear but it all disappeared as we spent that Sabbath in love, unity and fellowship. Statistically, only ten people were expected, eight members from the Mother Church who lived in South West, members of the South East prayer group and two newly baptised members from the campaign. The attendance of over thirty adults and children, therefore, was beyond our wildest expectations. Glory, Glory! God was in control! Soon after, our Mother church voted Elder Dan Berchie to oversee our Church and we are extremely grateful for all his efforts, dedication, and hard work during his time with us.

Sabbath after Sabbath the young church would fellowship at 60 Lewin Road
President, Beloved, it could have been a mission appeal feature
“Church in South West London squeeze into the front room, hallway stairs
kitchen, bedroom and any available space for Sabbath worship and Friday
Prayer Meetings.

They all came: a) Families – The Opams, Obengs, Ntims, Nois, Kyeremes, Acheampongs, Fosuhenes, Klutseys, Antwi-Agyeis, Osei-Tutus, Yeboahs , Osei-Siriboes and Darkos; b) Elders – Nsiah and Atta –Ansah; c) Brothers – Wiafe and Sarfo; d) Sisters – Joyce Bonney, Georgina Nuama, Agnes Owusu, Agnes Dapaah, Joyce Okyere Darko, Georgina Boateng, Mary Odhiambo, Sarah Kwarteng and Madam Comfort Takyi. Men, women and children were bound together in love as we worshipped and prayed together, and helped carry each other’s burdens..

The church grew and with a Sabbath attendance of over 52 people, 60 Lewin Rd
Could no longer contain us so we had to find suitable accommodation. Graveney School in Tooting was a temporally solution. We could worship there for half a Sabbath (9.00 am – 2.00 pm). The school would also be shut during vacations and half term holidays. Thank God we are privileged to have unrestricted use of 60 Lewin Road where we would always go to finish our Sabbath afternoon programmes whenever we needed to.

The beginning of 2002 saw the appointment of Pr. George Dadey as our Church Pastor and on 2nd February 2002 we were organised into a Company by the Grace of God. These days we worship in the Church Hall across the other side, and we are privileged and thankful to the St. Margaret’s Church Management Committee led by Vicar……….for permitting us to use their facilities. Our doors are always open to all of you to worship with us.


By God’s grace we have held some very successful programmes. We celebrated our Friendship Day last year by inviting our non-Adventist friends and the 117 of us present were really blessed. We have also held a very successful Health and Marriage Seminar conducted by Dr. Samuel Acquah and Pr. George Dadey respectively. Our Adventist neighbours even know us, as we have been privileged to display our culture through songs by the Choir in traditional attire and a display of Ghanaian dishes when we were invited to Brixton Church. Our biggest achievement though in this our short history is the addition of 13 souls to our church through two baptisms.
Our membership has grown and Sabbath attendance now is over 80 people.
Our small groups are ready to start meetings after this organisation and a major crusade has been planned for September-October at this venue. This will feature an
International Evangelist, Dr. A. L. Ewoo, and once again we appreciate St Margaret’s Church Board for their ongoing corporation and support for this young Church.


Brethren, a lot of people have contributed to this success story and so on behalf of our Church Pastor, Elders, Church Board and members of South West I would like to thank our Mother Church SE London Ghana for their vision and love. We have thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship through joint services we’ve had especially during the early stages of our Church. They have supported us in our harvest programmes and assisted us financially when we were in need. They have also played an active role for the success of this event. We are extremely grateful to them. We have come of age today but mothers, are mothers for life and so Mother Church we know that you will continue to love us and support us too.

We’ve had a lot of people come to visit and worship with us and so to every visiting preacher and visiting friend we are also grateful to you for your love and fellowship.

Every one of you South West members also deserves a commendation for your generosity through donations and gifts to the church, some have chauffeured people from home to church Sabbath after Sabbath, others have cooked meals for the church, some have lent certain valuables to the church to use, many have also worked tirelessly behind the scenes. God bless you all for your time and efforts. That is what makes us all proud today.

God has been gracious to us and so as we all celebrate this day, shall we hail:
Long Live South West London Ghana SDA Church!
Long Live the Fellowship of Ghanaian SDA Churches in England and Europe! And
Long Live Seventh-Day Adventism until that day when all of us here, together with the many souls that will be won through our efforts, shall be welcomed HOME with these words “Well done good and faithful servants… enter into the joy of Thy Father”. May this be our prayer and experience through Christ our Saviour, and may God bless us all.

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