Pastor George Dadey Send Off

February 27, 2011
[two_third] South West London Ghana SDA Church has held a colourful Send-Off Ceremony in honour of out-going church pastor, Pastor George Sekyi Dadey Junior. The emotion-filled event was held on Sabbath, 26 February 2011 which was also the quarter’s communion service day.

The special event began with a guard of honour by the Pathfinders Club of South West London Ghana SDA Church which Pastor Dadey was accompanied to inspect.
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The event was also interspersed with class music by the renowned Young Missionaries, now based at Reading Ghana SDA Church, and jokes by Mr. Collins Amofa, the MC also known as EGHACOM Pastor.

Pastor Dadey recalled the challenges they – himself and a few others who had the vision of starting Ghana SDA churches in the UK – faced from within and without the church.

He attribute the success and growth of the vision they once had and began in 1992 to the blessing of God. “To God be the glory” he summed it. e expressed his sincere appreciation of the unreserved support by his wife “in spite of my weaknesses and my shortcomings”.

Taking moments to mention the various ministries, departments, groups and individuals, Pastor Dadey thanked the entire church for cooperation his ministry has thrived on over the years, including normal activities, special programmes, meetings, mediations and visitations.

“Whatever you are doing, do it whole-heartedly and God will bless you…”, he added. He also noted that, as human, he was always likely to err and apologised for omissions and commissions that might have affected expectations of his ministry.

In his final words, Pastor Dadey gave ‘three steps of heaven – to avoid anger, to love one another and focus on heaven in your marriage, work or studies.

Dr Samuel Annor, an elder of the church, recounted on the enormous work the pastor, together with other key figures, have done for the Ghana Adventist churches. He mentioned the strengths of the man of God including his visions of spiritual growth and togetherness, establishing churches, presentation skills as well as networking capabilities that led to top BUC officials (Sam Davis, Mark Farlene) and renowned evangelists (Andrews L. Ewoo, A A Boateng) coming to the church to strengthen its growth.

Presenting the church’s gifts to Pastor George Dadey and his family, first church elder, Joe Amankwaah expressed the recognition of the tiring -and sometimes risky- 80 mile trips pastor had to make from and to Reading in the service of the church and its members.

“Sometimes church board meetings run so late in the night leaving Pastor so tired he had to sleep in his car along the M4 motorway in his care to recover his energy and alertness before continuing home.

The vote of thanks, given by Felicia was preceded by a surprise thanks by

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