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Another great way to study your Bible lessons is via iTunes. A number of Adventist organisations produce the Sabbath School Bible Study Guide in audio and video formats which are made available as podcasts, either as direct reading of the lessons or discussions.

Podcast! Don’t worry if it sounds alien. I personally have not been a fan of this resourceful technology until quite recently. You can make use of this for your Bible study via iTunes on your mobile phone, portable device, Mac or computer.

I am so excited in writing about this system because podcasting epitomises the point made when I started the ‘There’s An App For That’ Series that the Adventist Church is very versatile in embracing technology to enhance spreading the gospel to every comer of the world.

Secondly, it meets the preferred learning style of most people like me – which is watching and listening rather than reading.
It also gives the added advantage of making use the time spent on the move such as commuting on the train or bus.

Again, this centres on the iPhone and related Apple devices like iPod and iPad. If you don’t use any, your computer or Mac will be helpful. Unfortunately, other smart phones on Android or Blackberry may not be benefiting from this, like in the case of some other apps I have written about; unless there are existing utilities for them which I do not know about yet.


  1. To begin with, open the iTunes app on your device, go to the ‘Search’ tab and search ‘Sabbath School’. The results will include all Sabbath School video and audio podcast channels. The major ones in the order I recommend that you chose first are;
  • Sabbath School Bible Study Reading (audio) by the South Pacific Division – reading of the weekly lessons
  • Hope Sabbath School Study (video and audio) led by Dr. Derek Morris – in-depth discussion of the weekly lessons
  • Sabbath School University (video) – university students’ discussion of the weekly lessons
  1. Chose one and a directory of all available lessons for the quarter is displayed.
  2. Tap ‘FREE’ and then ‘DOWNLOAD’ next to your required weeks. The download process begins as a red button flashed at the bottom of the screen. Of course, the files are relatively big for 30-60 minutes audio or videos. Hence it is advisable to have wifi internet connection for downloading.
  3. Now the tricky bit is you will not find the downloaded files in the iTunes app. They will rather be accessible from the iPod section where you normally listen to your music from. So open the iPod section, go to the ‘More’ tab and select ‘Podcasts’ and there they are. You can begin to listen or watch from here. And you have total control – pause, back, forward – without the need for wifi connection or mobile network again.
    If you are using IOS4, the multitasking will enable you to listen whilst you read along from your Sabbath School App or book.


Usually I download the lessons for several weeks ahead. When you run out of episodes, you just need to tap on ‘Get more episodes’ and you will be taken back to iTunes’ to download new ones.


  1. Once you have iTunes installed on your computer, you can make use of the resources discussed above too.
  2. Open iTunes and click on AppStore.
  3. Select ‘Podcast’ on the navigation bar and search ‘Sabbath School’ from the search box.

If you’ve got the Sabbath School App I wrote a review about recently on your phone, the lesson reading audio podcast is included in the app. It is quite handy when you read along while it plays. At the time of writing this, the problem with the audio in the app is there are no controls like pause, back etc.. so once you close it, you have to start all over again. Again unlike the PDF which stays in the memory. You need wifi or network to play.

With this I manage to go over the lesson several times and I hope you will find them useful too. Until I come again with another ‘There’s An App For That’ series episode to share how technology helps our Christian living, stay blessed.
If you have something related or relevant to share don’t hesitate to comment below or email me via sam[at]
God bless.

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