Sabbath School Hub | First Anniversary

Celebrating one year of the Sabbath School Hub on

It has been exactly a year now since a vision of creating a hub of Sabbath School lesson study resources became a reality.

In-depth study of the Holy Bible is a core philosophy of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The Sabbath School Ministry or Department of the church is an institution dedicated in researching, compiling and producing systematic Bible study guides for all age groups of the church as students of the Word of God.

As a student of Sabbath School, I have experienced various studying methods such where the daily lessons serve as the core of morning devotions back home in Ghana, for my the family, local area Adventist members or on my own. Among the three ways of studying the lessons, the latter is the most challenging in terms of the ability to keep to the routine and understand them all the time.

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Hence in recent years, I discovered various websites where the lessons are either provided in text or audio forms, or discussed in a group or as a presentation. I enjoyed the various formats and with the development of, I later had a vision of collating the various resources into a hub on  a weekly basis. As such, in July 2011, the Sabbath School Hub was born.

The Sabbath School Hub

The Sabbath School Hub comprises of five major Sabbath School resources on a weekly basis, all in one page:

  1. The Sabbath School lesson text – by the Sabbath School Department
  2. The Sabbath School lesson audio – Adventist Media Network and the Christian Services for the Blind & Hearing Impaired
  3. The Hope Sabbath School videos – by Pastor Derek Morris and the Hope Class and Hope TV
  4. The Sabbath School University videos – by the Sabbath School University
  5. The Central Study Hour videos – by Pastor Doug Batchelor and the Sacramento SDA Church

The aim and general practice has been to compile and update the page with the week’s lesson resources every Sunday so that students can use them in their studies over the week, whenever they choose to do so.


Adult Sabbath School

Sabbath School Hub page views

Celebrating one year of the page is in itself an achievement and glory be to God The Most High. The hub has been updated every week to pull the videos, audio or texts from the original sites.

The Sabbath School Hub has grown to become the most important page of this website as it is the main source of regular returning visitors to the website. As at today, the page has received 13,433 page views, and that is an average of 250 visits per week.

The hub forms the main place where some users study the lessons daily or weekly. Many others also first study from their Sabbath School books and then visit the hub towards the end of the week (mostly on Fridays) to watch the discussion videos.

In all, the hub has been, and continue to be, discovered  by many souls, as led by the Holy Spirit I believe. Most of the discovery come organically through Google, Facebook and other search engine or social network sites, without any paid advertising.


As mentioned earlier, the hub is manually updated at the beginning of every week. The main challenge has been to remember to do the update on time, on Sundays preferably. Although most lessons were duly posted on time, there have been some weeks where either I only remembered and/or had time to update late in the week or even totally forgot or did not have time to do so.

There were times also when one or two of the original sites providing the resources either delayed in posting as well or changed the format of the resource, making it difficult for the hub to be maintained as expected.


My immense thanks to Almighty God for His blessings and the opportunity to take part in my little way in His ministry. Also I must give credit to the various pastors, workers, individuals and churches that operate the various websites as mentioned above. Without them, there would be nothing for me to post on the hub.

I will not forget our visitors to the hub who find the resources useful. Thanks to all those who left comments or sent me messages, either as a reminder, suggestion or encouragement. God bless you all.

Looking ahead

In all, the Sabbath School Hub will continue for a long time. I pray that the Good Lord continue to bless me with healthy life, insight, time and all necessary resources to keep the hub running. Amen.


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