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January 28, 2012

This morning, I visited the website after days of absence, to take my final dose of the Sabbath School lesson. I was shocked to meet the site blank with the notice ‘bandwidth exceeded’.

In fact, this is not the first time this has happened. The GhanaAdventist website traffic has been rising at an everincreasing rate over the past two years. A year ago, monthly traffic hit 20Gb. However, the limit had to be increased a number of times to 30, and then 40,… and for some months until the latest downtime, it stood at a generous 50Gb, which has now become insufficient too.

The trend is mainly due to the popularity of the embedded video and audio materials (video files are huge) at the Sabbath School Hub, CB Radio, Audio library and sermons and events in video as well as the Adventist Mobile Apps series.

Though I am yet to find out the exact time and date the site went down for exceeding the bandwidth limit, I hope it did not happen before yesterday, Friday. This is because, Fridays are the peak day in terms of visitors to the site, according to backend statistics.

The above is, in reality, in tune with the Seventh-day Adventist weekly cycle, where most people are in preparation mode on Friday towards Sabbath. So inadvertendly, visitors either conclude their week’s Sabbath School lesson study or other access other materials available.

As such I hereby render my apologies for any inconvenience the downtime might have caused, especially the Sabbath School discussion leaders who make us of the Sabbath School Hub to assist their planning.

Now the bandwidth bar has been raised high enough to accommodate as high as a double increase in monthly traffic.

To delve into a bit more statistics over the past year;

  • Nearly 20,000 visitors to the site.
  • The US reader visitor number is closely behind UK, followed by France, Germany and Ghana.
  • Over a third of all first-time visitors also returned to the site at another time, indicating loyalty and regular visitors.
  • Top search terms and pages included SDA hymnal, CB Radio Ghana and London Ghana SDA Church.

In all, it is an indication of the usefulness of the media and provide encouragement than anything else.

God bless all.

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